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How do you get an instant feel for how your production is doing?

How do you get an instant feel for how your production is doing?

December 11, 2014
posted by LineView Admin

The answer is simple – you visualize it!

You turn a jumble of production numbers into an easy-to-understand picture. That’s exactly what XL800 OEE System delivers with the Total Production TimelineTM.

XL800 OEE System Total Production Timeline

How does it work? XL800 OEE System automatically senses if your line is running or down, and it tracks breaks and changeovers. TPTTM combines that information into a compelling visual where colour indicates state (e.g. green means running) and length indicates duration.

Who can see it? Anyone on your network. All you need is a simple web browser – there is no software to install. XL800 OEE System does the rest.

How do I get it? TPT is part of the XL800 OEE System analytics suite – it’s embedded right in the XL800 OEE System device. With our Free trial option you can even use the system commitment free for 3 months.

What else do I get? XL is a complete performance management solution. It provides automated, accurate real-time manufacturing intelligence to everyone in your plant. It includes a production scoreboard that motivates your employees to “win” their shift and it delivers web-based live production information to supervisors and managers – wherever they are.

What’s the next step to get a visual representation of my production numbers?


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