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LineView launches a new product!


LineView launches a new product!

January 24, 2017
posted by LineView Admin

RapidView: the small box that can transform manufacturing performance

LineView Solutions has been developing and installing factory information systems for more than 15 years. Despite the trend towards smart factories and Industry 4.0, there are still many plants that are not networked and many lines that do not have the level of automation required for overall site visibility. This lack of automation has brought about the need for a wireless, battery-powered system.

The solution?

RapidView: a technology-based portable system for instant performance data gathering and visualisation.

Developed with a world leading bottler, RapidView has been tested and rolled out globally, and targets a five percent improvement in performance on underperforming production lines.

Simple, scalable and mobile, it analyses production line performance in real-time, helping production teams to partner with global operations teams to make production sites more efficient.

RapidView provides an extremely portable self-contained system that allows operational excellence consultants to perform on-site auditing efficiently, advising on improvements almost instantly based on real-time automated accurate data capture.

How does it work?

Each RapidView system is wirelessly connected to production line sensors that allows the central controller to receive instant performance data, helping to discover any issues and highlight improvements.

The hardware is both rugged and IP rated for installation in harsh production environments. It comes with battery-powered wireless sensing stations that allow users to leave the sensors in place for up to 48 hours to assess the production line and to gain the relevant data.

When a production line is ‘out of balance’, RapidView helps in two ways;

  • It provides live data against key metrics so that instant adjustments can be made.
  • It sends trending reports and data to global management for strategic decision making.

By using this kind of auditing technology to manage line performance issues remotely, staff can spend less time travelling, helping the business to save money on travel-related costs. With this new tool, a business can achieve the desired line performance improvements and reach five times the number of sites per year, at a fraction of the cost.

RapidView can be used as a core tool for a company’s improvement audit method, and to complement all a business’ line studies.

Impressively, the equipment can be installed by an onsite team in a couple of hours. Once data has been gathered, it is easy to see where issues lie and what improvements need to be made.

Benefits of RapidView include:

  • Instant visual and actionable information
  • Quick and easy to install – set up in less than two hours
  • Perfect for equipment audits and CAPEX justification
  • Real-time overview of line performance
  • Instant visibility of top losses
  • Built-in tactical reporting
  • Loss to bottleneck machine accurately allocated


About LineView

LineView Solutions have been developing information systems for manufacturing environments, such as the flagship LineView™ line information system, for more than 15 years and worked with some of the most recognisable names in manufacturing. All of their production monitoring systems are built from an operational perspective and are designed to deliver actionable information direct to the production teams. LineView Solutions has an internal team of highly experienced operational consultants who work with production teams from the start of the project to ensure that the site achieves real long term improvement.


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