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Look how easy an XL800 installation is!

Look how easy an XL800 installation is!

December 11, 2014
posted by LineView Admin

We think you’ll like this – XL800 Productivity Appliance is SUCH an easy easy installation you really can get it working in hours…and in most instances we only need 3 cables wired to the board.

XL800 installation really is that easy!

Literally within hours of taking it out of the box you will:

  • Be monitoring your OEE
  • Be monitoring your takt time and cycle times
  • Be upgrading your Andon lamps with USEFUL downtime alerts not just flashing lights
  • Be monitoring your total output
  • Be monitoring your 3 losses to OEE – availability, quality, and performance

And this is before you even put it on your production network and start entering targets and using the other really cool features…and we haven’t even started on what you could do with the full 22 inputs we have available.

To prove just how easy the XL800 installation is, check out this image below – it will show you where to take you count sensors from and the 3 cables you need to start getting great results.


example xl800 installation


To clarify here’s a summary of what we can give you straight out of the box:

Xl800 installation signals and outputs




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