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Pinpoint your production losses

Pinpoint your production losses

December 11, 2014
posted by LineView Admin

Are you tired of working with sketchy and out-of-date production information? Are you frustrated because you know your lines can do better? Do you need an effective way to get your operators involved?

The XL800 Productivity Appliance exposes production losses in real-time and motivates your operators:

production loss reason
XL800 is a fully integrated performance management system – it even generates print-ready barcode sheets for your operators. You’ll love how fast and simple it is to get up and running. And you’ll be amazed at the detailed information you’ll have at your fingertips – all delivered via a standard web browser. That’s right – no software to install.
Can you spot the Filler Jam below?

production losses

XL800 is easy. It can be installed by your team, so there are no expensive integration charges. We provide a simple installation guide and free technical support – all the tools you need for a fast and easy install.

XL800 is a great value. Our complete solution includes a rugged plant floor visual display, data warehouse and integrated performance management suite, £2910. You can even try it FREE!

What’s the next step to tackle production losses?


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