Introducing CamView: IoT Video for Root Cause Analysis

Author Andrew Giles, June 26, 2020


Operations teams need to respond straight away to downtime but when high-speed lines  run in excess of 35,000 units per hour, teams simply can’t process the root cause analysis of machine faults.

Our latest innovation, CamView™, simplifies root cause analysis on high speed lines using instant video replay. 

We have had overwhelming response at initial CamView implementations, and I'm excited to finally be able to share  with other teams that want to enable a greater understanding of downtime without disturbing their operators.

An instant, visual account of any downtime event

CamView is a premium feature for our LineView™ and MachineView™ solutions.  It automatically records and clips video of machine faults which is then accessible from within the efficiency monitoring systems.  

Here are some details:

    • The CamView solution is designed to be Wi-Fi enabled, portable and easy to install.

    • It provides real-time video monitoring of machine operation in a continuous loop and automatically trims footage before and after a fault. Operators can position CamView on various machines, anywhere on the line without the aid of special lighting, lens or a visual technician.

    • With lines moving faster and faster, the fact that issues can be viewed in slow motion is a technological leap that takes less manpower and less time to find efficiencies.

    • With the CamView system, multiple cameras can be set up on a single machine to monitor different elements of the process. When a fault is indicated, a video clip is automatically created according to the configuration. For example, it could be set to show the twenty seconds before the fault and the twenty seconds after.


Get CamView, our new solution for instant replay of downtime faults


Our company has always focused on finding solutions for our customers and now, with CamView, we are taking things to a new level.

Our founder, Ian Rowledge, said it best when he described how CamView aligns with our company’s focus, “Making the right decisions on a line requires real data. It has been our constant goal to provide exactly that to our customers. CamView is a perfect application of today’s IoT and machine learning technology and a great step forward in root cause analysis.”


If you are ready to get an instant replay of the downtime events on your line, let's have a chat. 



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