Introducing CIP Monitor to Optimise Clean-in-Place Routines

Author Andrew Giles, October 20, 2020


If you are involved in high speed production of food, beverages or pharmaceuticals you likely have systems in place to provide information regarding what is happening throughout the lines. Data leads to proper decisions and enables higher performance. 

Unfortunately, many shop floors still have blinds spots like clean-in-place (CIP) routines. Clean-in-place processes are notoriously difficult to visualise and are typically only accessible via a standalone SCADA system. On the flip side, optimising these processes can offer easy gains with a minimal investment. 

As our long-time customers know, our list of proven solutions for manufacturers continues to grow because we continue to listen and study and then develop and test. Our latest innovation is CIP Monitor, a premium add-on feature for LineView. 



Our CIP Monitor not only enables complete visualisation of your clean-in-place procedures, it provides optimisation and compliance tools to streamline the process. Consider the tangible gains from reduced cleaning time, lower effluent use and improved traceability for compliance tracking.




What can you expect from CIP Monitor?

CIP Monitor seamlessly extends your existing LineView system to monitor and benchmark clean-in-place processes with built-in dashboards designed to help you identify improvement opportunities. 

Our founder, Ian Rowledge, explains the results that have already been realized by first adopters of CIP monitor,


"We already have several high-volume sites using CIP Monitor with great success. One such site reported potential savings of 10% through the elimination of steps repeating and step overruns that were previously unknown.

With benchmarking and improved consistency, operations and quality teams can easily find a balance and consistently achieve ‘right first time’ CIP processes and compliance."


The CIP set-up allows configurability to match your own clean-in-place processes. Once the set-up is complete, your team can perform complete cleaning cycle analysis including sanitizing product consumption, dilutions and run time.

  • You can configure every cleaning parameter of your CIP including time, temperature, flow, conductivity, water and wastewater.
  • You will ensure food safety regulations are met and documented with historical data validated by our built-in single-click validation of CIP completion.
  • Compliance verification formatted in graphical and tabular formats.


Get CIP, our new solution for clean-in-place monitoring


We will keep developing products which keep helping you to improve.

In my early career, I had a sales manager whose favourite expression was, “What have you done for me lately.”

It was his way of saying don’t rest on your laurels and be pleased with yesterday’s results. Well, here is our ‘lately’ and we are not just resting on our LineView, MachineView, RapidView, XL800 and out add-ons FactoryView, DigiView, LBO Monitor and CamView which have brought about massive increases in production. 

We are so proud of our achievements and each product we develop brings about more and more efficiency. We definitely look forward to your comments on our new release, the CIP Monitor.


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