Introducing LineView Academy: Free Manufacturing & User Training

Author LineView Admin, February 26, 2021

Without in-person training, it can be tough to find reliable online training.

To help manufacturing leaders train operators and managers on the latest in operational excellence and lean best practices, we've launched a free training academy.

Based on our team's twenty years of experience delivering in-person operational excellence programs and training, we're excited to introduce LineView Academy!

The academy offers free resources for global manufacturers requiring online training for their teams, whether you're a long-time customer or simply interested in building skills in operational excellence, data management or leadership. The platform also has  learning programs for our global partners and end users of our solutions.



LineView Academy on Device

Why are we offering  free online training for manufacturers?

As our CEO Ian Rowledge explained in the press release launching the Academy,  “The manufacturing industry has been challenged by the last 12 months, particularly labour availability and skills. By sharing online training resources based on our twenty years of transforming organisations around the globe, we are helping manufacturers to make sustainable efficiency improvements when they need it the most.”

Our move to release LineView Academy as a free resource is actually a critical step to more efficient manufacturing systems.

We are investing in our vision of the future factory, partnering with clients to add value to their entire digital supply chain. Together, we are building data systems and ecosystems to provide insight and feedback, ultimately making the process of transforming raw goods more efficient. Democratizing knowledge sets teams on the same page from day one of this transformation journey.



What can you expect from our manufacturing training

LineView Academy offers in-depth training from OEE best practices to Kaizen and even leadership skills.

The course material is segmented into categories and learning paths relevant to a wide range of manufacturing positions, from operators to management. Within the learning path for free operational excellence training, courses range from leadership skills including Situational Leadership, The GROW model and Auditing Meetings to practical data management, lean and continuous improvement topics.

LineView Academy replaces and expands on the methodologies first presented in the OptimumFX Academy, as developed by LineView partner company, OptimumFX.

Visit to sign up for courses in the LineView Academy.


Introducting LineView Academy

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