Local cub scouts earn their Digital Citizen Badge at the Innovation Campus

Author LineView Admin, May 28, 2019

Scouts badge

Last week LineView Solutions hosted a local group of cub scouts who were working to achieve their Digital Citizen Badge. The children learned about how a modern technology office works and were able to work with some of the conference facilities and send their parents an email. They were also thought by the course leaders how to stay safe online.

“We always look to engage with the local community, we buy as much of our office supplies as possible from local businesses and it was great to open our doors to the young cub scouts to give them a taste of a modern high tech office” said the CEO Ian Rowledge. 

The visit of the 238 Northfield Methodist Church Group was arranged by Chris Keeber, one of our employees, who volunteers as a Cub Scout leader. LineView are happy to open its doors to other local groups and any enquiries should be made to enquiries@linveview.com.


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