Podcast: What’s behind condition-based maintenance?

Author LineView Admin, August 3, 2021

On the latest episode of Danfoss' Torque Podcast, LineView CEO Ian Rowledge discusses condition-based monitoring with Jakov Perisic from Molson Coors and Virgil Ioan Lupu, product manager from the Danfoss condition-based monitoring development team. 

After discussing the benefits of the integration of LineView's line information system with the intelligent Danfoss drives, the panel also explores the near- and future-term plans for condition-based maintenance at Molson Coors.

As Jakov explains, "We don't want to make repairs more efficient, but rather to be able to run the system longer." 


Insights from condition-based monitoring

The panel explores how condition based monitoring systems can evolve from green, red and amber notifications to predictive insights. Going beyond breakdown prevention, the team discusses how, in the future, insights will optimise performance, from fast tracking FMCG product trials to increased repeatability.

In a long-term view, when an intelligent drive is installed onto a system, the data will be applied to predictions beyond the device itself and with the equipment it interacts with.  As Virgil explains, "In the future, we can create even more application values for the end user."

Tune into this exciting podcast as the panel explores a condition-based maintenance ecosystem that is future-ready and already yielding gains for users.


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