System Validation Tool Wins LineView’s First Ever Hackathon

Author LineView Admin, September 12, 2018

What a day, what a day. If there was a single word to describe our first Hackathon held on Monday, September 10, perhaps it would be ‘intense’. But really, it was many things. It was a bit like a sporting event, with teams huddled and competing to have their project chosen for future development.


Rakesh Gupta, a Lead Developer at LineView Solutions, both initiated and led the exciting event. The twelve-hour marathon produced numerous ideas on the five projects shortlisted for the Hackathon. There was teamwork, there was competition, there was focus and of course, pizza and coffee.


The five projects chosen were based on team initiatives that were presented to a panel of judges and included innovative ideas such as gamification, an ultra-modern user interface, brand new solutions and some further improvements to the functionality of LineView’s existing solutions.


It was a day that will be remembered by all for quite some time. I mean, can’t you just hear the sounds of thirty people buzzing with thoughts and ideas for twelve hours?! For sure, it was a bit draining, but the results made it all worthwhile and our company may just take a few more leaps forward because of our "Hack day".


Drumroll please.


The winning project chosen for immediate future development based on merit and market demand is… Marton Boda’s System Validation Tool!


The project was focused on developing a module that runs alongside the core LineView product. It accepts input from LineView config and admin actions, and customer machine data before applying a series of custom defined validation rules. The results are then published indicating to user errors, warnings, or information items.


This is a module that provides huge efficiency savings for LineView implementation engineers in addition to increasing the overall quality of installations and was unanimously voted as winning, based on the readiness of the prototype to be deployed and best added value for the amount of design and development time required.


In Marton’s team were also Jonathan Wheatcroft, Operations Director, and Peter Nicholson, Product QA Manager at LineView Solutions – congrats, guys!

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