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System Validation Tool Wins LineView’s First Ever Hackathon

What a day, what a day. If there was a single word to describe our first Hackathon held on Monday, September 10, perhaps it would be ‘intense’. But…

We Have Partnered with Microsoft on Our Latest Innovation, CamView!

This is exciting news for all of us at LineView and now the news is (finally) out.

RapidView - Driving Peak Performance for PepsiCo

PepsiCo has adopted RapidView - a technology-based portable solution - to automate production line performance data gathering and visualisation, and…

XL800 in 10 minutes

Andrew Langford - Sales Manager at LineView Solutions - giving his talk on 'Reducing Downtime With XL800' at the Food & Drink Business Europe…

LineView launches a new product!

RapidView: the small box that can transform manufacturing performance

LineView Solutions has been developing and installing factory information systems…

We offer the XL800 on a FREE Trial

Why? Because the best way to choose a product that will meet your exact needs is to test it in your plant, in your application, with your people.

You need to reduce downtime, but where do you start?

A great place to start is focusing on your top five sources of down time. Meet with your team, pick one of the five, and brainstorm countermeasures. Next,…

Pinpoint your production losses

Are you tired of working with sketchy and out-of-date production information? Are you frustrated because you know your lines can do better? Do you need…

How can an OEE System help me improve?

This is one of the main questions that we repeatedly get asked.

How do you get an instant feel for how your production is doing?

The answer is simple – you visualize it!