We Have Partnered with Microsoft on Our Latest Innovation, CamView!

Author LineView Admin, February 8, 2018

This is exciting news for all of us at LineView and now the news is (finally) out.


Today we announced an exciting partnership and IoT solution development that we have been cooking behind the scenes for the past several months. Earlier this year, we were selected as Microsoft’s industry-exclusive partner for their IoT Insider Labs and have been working alongside their team to harness Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the development of our latest innovation, CamView.


The purpose of the Microsoft Insider Labs, of which there are only three locations globally, is to develop, prototype and test IoT and AI solutions for market commercialization.


It goes without saying how tremendously rewarding it was for our Software Product Manager Benjamin Carrier and his team to work with technical experts at their state of the art “IoT and AI Insider Lab” in Munich. The architects of our software, Ben and his team have been working behind the scenes on the development CamView, an IoT-enabled module capturing slow motion video of faults on a production line.


Our General Manager, Simon Coleman called the partnership a “rare opportunity”. LineView customers can now gain actionable insights by leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that is backed by Microsoft’s significant knowledge base in the cutting-edge technology.


One of the other significant goals of the project was to gain a scalable, cloud-based reporting system and we are now able to offer connectivity with Microsoft Azure.


So, how did our team do? Well, we are now a Microsoft partner with Gold Application Developer Designation. Now that’s something.  And so is our new CamView module.


Stay tuned to our solutions page. 

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